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SLED series of high efficiency panel energy-saving lamps use energy-saving LED as the light source. After the high light transmittance of the light guide plate and spread evenly to form uniform flat light effects. Compared with the conventional fluorescent lamps, it has a significant advantage in environmental protection energy-saving, light-emitting efficiency, lighting uniformity, etc. It’s a kind of new generation green lighting products. The product has obtained China Patent , patent number is 200920155058.8
Green Energy
No pollution, no light in the infrared and ultraviolet components, no heating effects, the same luminous efficiency saving over 60%
Brightness UniformityUniform brightness without glare, uniformity ≥ 95%, light emitting angle more wider.
Easy to install Finished thickness less than 21mm, installation of various forms, hung, or embedded in mounting surface he installation space have been saved.
Durable Shell with anodic oxidation of 6063 aluminum, chamber using a unique cooling technology circuits use a dedicated LED driver, no flicker, electromagnetic compatibility can be good. Lamp working temperature and the ambient temperature is no different, which greatly improved the working conditions of LED, significantly extend lamp life to more than 50 thousand hours.
Applications: hospitals, offices, workshops, libraries, museums, shopping malls, railway stations≥95%

Parameters                        Model
Input voltage(V)
AC90~220(alternative )
Light source
Color temperature(K)
380~400(1.5M below the lamp center)
Illumination uniformity
Normal use ambient temperature(℃)
Life expectancy(h)
The above parameters for reference only, the product in order to prevail in kind, size, color temperature, power according to customer requirements to determine